Monday, March 20, 2017

Investing in a Luxury Designer Handbag

Here's the thing about designer handbags, they're expensive, but unlike other expensive things, when you resell you can actually end with more than the original value, recouping the price tag amount you paid for. The value of a luxury handbag is determined by the design house its from, the rarity of the designer collection and its current elite fashion status (possibly a year long wait list just to buy it). You may find one socialite or celeb toting a lux bag as a badge of pride.

If you're ready to use your savings and secure one of these fine investment pieces, going the pre-owned route may be a good baby step. Before actually acquiring a top tier luxury handbag at its regular retail price (and by that, we mean upwards $1,500 no less).

You can find true bag classics and Pre Owned Designer Authentic Watches at 

They have a variety of luxury designer hand bags available at any given time, but don't expect the bag to be available for more than a week. These bags-to-die-for get sold real fast.

The luxury consignment market is all about shopping for pre-owned designer items at the convenience of your mobile phone which means buyers exclusive access to top-tier fashion items. Bag hunters in the market for vintage finds or avid fashion bag collectors can always find something to add to their ever growing bag haul.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Fall of Harajuku Fashion

Once upon a time, around the the mid-2000s - Ganguro, Hime and Decora girls littered the streets of Tokyo's fashionably notorious Harajuku district (a Tokyo neighborhood of roughly a square mile). Wielding their own candy-colored styles with flair- you can expect one or the other wild trademarks: the bleached hair, tanned skins, dramatic eye make up, plus the twirling parasols. They aren't hard to spot Harajuku kids would easily pose for a random photo op if asked nicely. But the creativity right up on the Harajuku streets is incredible.

However, the Harajuku movement is now being utterly killed by the emergence of fast fashion global chains H&M, Uniqlo and Forever 21. Setting up shop in the Harajuku district. These stores often showcased styles that are a huge contrast from the often bright, Kawaii eclectic styles found in the Harajuku streets. As Uniqlo's muted tones and minimalist clothing line took off, you can say the Japanese fashion scene got a bit tamer and less showy.

Sadly, the once wild frenetic energy and creativity of the fashionable wunderkind around Harajuku, known for greatly pushing the boundaries of Japanese fashion for years has now found its influence rapidly declining. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things I Love

 Yes those are some fancy cig stix!
 Nails to die for!
 Keeping an eye out for everything floral!
These things have really caught my eye :) I call them candy! So fash!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Edie Campbell is Model of the Year

The tail end of 2013 has proven to be lucky for Edie Campbell. After trailing behind headliner Cara Delevingne all year, Edie finally hit a first by snagging the British Fashion Awards Model of the Year

But really? Edie over Cara? Is this a snub of some sort just to spite Cara? cara is such a strong walker, she's popular with the press and quite a sweetheart. While Edie, not much is known about her personality,but like a true model is well known for her strong portfolio and great work for various fashion houses.

Here's some of Edie's memorable looks:

Edie Campbell is a chameleon. Though Cara may have her distinct signature brows, Edie easily blends in and take on character after character.

Edie's Fringe

Monday, July 29, 2013

Play Online Casino Game The Codfather in Lunacasino!

Hey fashionistas, cash in with the Codfather for some prize perks!

The Codfather, from SkillOnNet is a new online casino game you can play on Lunacasino!  A cross between the classic Sicilian-themed movie featuring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando and a gangster-style Under the Sea theme, The Codfather is one way to win the jackpot... like a BOSS!

Lunacasino continues to expand along with the expectations of its clients with the release of a new online casino slots game, The Codfather!  A 3 X 5 reel online slots game, the Codfather can be played activating between 1 to 20 paylines and offers 10 free games as you play along this murky underworld in fishy, Sicilian style.  Read on for more details on how you can play like a BOSS with a 60% BONUS!

The Codfather is one of four games released by prolific online casino game author SkillOnNet.  The online casino game developer was first to market The Codfather along with three other titles that are soon going to be launched: Spanish Eyes (for release on July 19th), Emperor’s Garden (July 26th) and Teddy Bear’s Picnic (August 2nd)—making The Codfather the freshest among all the new online casino games out there.

What makes The Codfather unique?  Apart from its out of this world theme, smooth graphics and game play make the whole experience a—pardon the pun—immersive one.

For starters, The Codfather’s music that’s played on loop is a zany rendition of the Sicilian Gangster theme that gives character to the original Godfather series. Also, the game goes even further by providing animation that prevents an otherwise mechanical game that can be set on auto spin.  For example, the online slot machine’s wild card symbol is, of course, the Codfather, an angry-looking gangster fish, but whenever he appears on the reels, he gets animated doing a gesture that is haughty, beneficent and admonishing all at the same time.

Literally the creature feature of the game, the Codfather wildcard appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and should be something you should hope for as a player. The Codfather also features ten free games that triples your prizes and 5 Big Boss Bonuses, a current of wins that’s sure to sweep you towards a solid Not only the graphics, sound and game play are of note in this slots game, it has brilliant details such as message line on the bottom of the reels that dishes out a lot of advice on how to play and what symbols you should watch out for, but also witty puns that are both true to theme and funny.  Here are a few examples:

“When the Codfather speaks... you’d better listen.”

Or, “The Codfather knows how to return a favour.”

And finally, among other quotes, “Have you got the gills for the game?”  

This is a good sign that SkillOnNet is not only about putting up the usual bells and whistles on their online casino games, but are actually working towards strong, tight themes in their game output.  The Codfather is definitely a good choice for Lunacasino.

Don’t forget to cash in before play by putting in the code BOSS for a 60% bonus!

Lunacasino, named after the Roman goddess of the moon was launched in 2012. Licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta, the site is available in 21 languages.   Visit the Lunacasino site today and check out new online casino slots game, The Codfather! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Burberry Prorsum: Cara Delevingne under an Umbrella

Perfect for London weather, Cara Delevingne rocks this muted stripe umbrella at the Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2012-2013.

Quite a grip!
Gloves studded in shiny rivets compliment the curve of the similarly adorned umbrella handles.

Burberry Prorsum??? Prosum? Opposum? No, its not mispelled, "Prorsum" is Latin for "forwards" and has mainly to do with the Burberry insignia featuring an Equestrian Knight.
Prorsum is part of the Burberry trademark.

In 1891, the first Burberry store opened in London at 30 Haymarket.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Burberry Prorsum S/S14 show

Really soft on the pastels for the 2014 season for Burberry Prorsum.

Rockin that polka circle scarf plus check out that manly red murse!

Clutch and Go: Duffle bag with red polka dots

Burberry Runway alert: its reds, polkadots and micro floral prints for the Prorsum Menswear S/S14 runway.

Ah, the future of British menswear: Soft leather, relaxed fleece coats mixed with bright pops of colour dominated the Burberry runway.

The watch is aptly dubbed Windsor Red. I'm guessing the clutch is Cambridge Yellow? Well, Burberry is indeed back in Britain.

My kinda show: Max Chilton, Chen Kun, Suki Waterhouse, Tinie Tempah, Douglas Booth, Serena Williams and YES! Hugh Dancy. I wouldn't mind a Mads Mikkelsen sighting either at the Burberry Menswear S/S14 show.